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Olympic Games

Experience the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Melun Val de Seine!


Discover Melun, a dynamic and passionate city, labeled "Terre de Jeux 2024", proudly positioning itself as a preparation center for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games with the cities of Dammarie-lès-Lys, and Le Mée-sur-Seine in particular.


Melun's sports facilities, including the Cercle Nautique for rowing and the Complexe Sportif Jacques Marinelli for fencing and soccer, welcome and train future champions.

A veritable breeding ground for sports, the town has seen the emergence of exceptional talents, such as Pauline Ranvier and Enzo Lefort, fencing medallists at the last Olympic team games, and Marine Boyer, team bronze medallist in gymnastics at the last European world championships.


Pauline Ranvier and Marine Boyer will once again be our hopefuls for the 2024 Olympic Games.


Melun, home of the Games 


Melun will welcome the Hong Kong Olympic fencing teams this summer.

Dive into the heart of Olympic training in Melun, where the teams, led by their Olympic foil champion Ka-Long Cheung, will be training at the "Ernest Revenu" fencing hall in preparation for the 2024 Games.
Some training sessions will be open to the public, offering a unique opportunity for sports fans, especially children, to see these elite athletes in action up close.
Come and soak up the excitement surrounding these Olympic preparations in Melun.


Melun: On the road to the Olympics!


The long-awaited event kicks off with the Olympic torch relay on Saturday, July 20, 2024, a promise of emotional moments and sporting greatness as it passes through Seine-et-Marne via Melun from 1:59pm to 2:59pm.


This symbolic journey will provide a unique opportunity to showcase our region, our local identity and our collective pride.

One of the 6 torchbearers will be from Melun, none other than Youssef Hocine, fencing master at the Melun fencing club, world medalist and Olympic selection in 1988 and 1992.
Suffering from multiple sclerosis, it is in a wheelchair that the fencing master will travel to the event, probably accompanied by gold medal fencer Patrice L'hôtellier, to honor the Olympic and Paralympic symbols.


Follow the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 8 to celebrate the strength and determination of our athletes!


Melun Val de Seine Tourist Office at the heart of the festivities


To celebrate the opening of the 2024 Olympic season, the Tourist Office is organizing an "Olympic Games guided tour" on Friday June 21, 2024 at 7pm.
On the program: Hop on your bike, discover Melun's sports venues and learn about the history of Melun's Olympic personalities.
Enjoy a unique, local experience around the 2024 Games!


Prices and details:


Adults €5, children aged 6 to 11 €3
Free for children under 6
Location: Rdv on the Fontaine Saint-Jean

Contact: contact@otmvs.com

Telephone: 01 64 52 64 52


Discover the Phrygian Games mascots and other merchandise, currently available from the Tourist Office!  


Prices and details:

Phryges : €26.90

Phryges Keyring : €14.90

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Phryges : €2.10


Find out more about the 2024 Olympic Games:

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Olympic Torch Relay

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